Vegetation Maintenance Permit

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Vegetation Maintenance

It is the policy of Grant County to perform roadside management of weeds and vegetation on County Rights-of-Way through methods such as spraying of herbicides and mowing. Grant County Public Works is implementing a permit process for landowners who wish to perform their own weed control on County Rights-of-Way adjacent to their property. This Permit will be free of charge for new applicants and existing renewals.  It is important to note that existing agreements between the Noxious Weed Control Board of Grant County and landowners are no longer effective. 

All “Owner Will Maintain” signs and placement of signs must comply with the instructions provided with your permit. It will be YOUR responsibility to ensure proper placement and adequate visibility of all signs. 

How do I enroll? 

Download the permit using the link above. Complete and submit the permit in person to the Grant County Public Works office located at 124 Enterprise St. Ephrata WA 98823 or email the completed permit to [email protected]

No Initial Fee, $50 to reinstate. 

Contact Grant County Public Works with any questions:

                                   Grant County Public Works

                                   124 Enterprise St. S.E.

                                   Ephrata WA, 98823

                                   (509) 754-6082                Email:  [email protected]

Vegetation Maintenance Example