How do I make a Victim Impact Statement

The most common way to make a VIS is to write a letter to the judge.  You do not need to know the judge's name. You can simply address your letter "Honorable Judge." Your letter should be typed, if possible, but it can be handwritten if it is easy to read. 

Another common method is to be present at sentencing and to make a verbal statement addressing the judge. In this case, you simply need to be present at sentencing. When the case is called, the judge will ask at some point whether there is someone who wants to speak on behalf of the victim. This is when you will speak. You will not be placed under oath, but naturally you are expected to tell the truth. Normally you will stand near the table where the prosecutor is sitting. The Victim/Witness Coordinator can attend the sentencing hearing with you and stand next to you when you speak. 

There are other options as well. Some people choose to bring pictures of a victim who is not able to be present for one reason or another. You can also make a video or audiotape or even a PowerPoint presentation.