The Importance of Your Safety

The Grant County Prosecuting Attorney's office is concerned about the safety of the people who assist in the prosecution of criminal cases.  If you have experienced threats or intimidation from the defendant or believe that you may, the following tips can help increase your safety. 

If the Defendant Contacts You

Sometimes despite your efforts and those of the justice system, the defendant may contact you against your wishes. It is important to make a police report each time this occurs. You should also contact the Victim/Witness Unit to let them know what has happened. If the defendant contacts you, he or she runs the risk of being put back in jail and/or facing additional charges.

Developing Your Safety Plan

Most witnesses will not need a safety plan in the end, but it is important to think ahead and be prepared. If you need assistance creating a safety plan for yourself and your family or for more ideas, please contact the Victim/Witness Unit.