Interviews with Minors

Interviews are frequently a part of the trial preparation for both the prosecuting attorney (attorney for the state) and the defense attorney (attorney for the offender/defendant.)  To reduce the impact and stress on a child victim, we strive to have as few interviews as possible. 

Normally, a child may have anyone with them that they want during an interview. The Victim/Witness Unit is ALWAYS available to attend any interviews with children or other witnesses.  Additionally, we will attempt, if possible, to have the interview held in a child-friendly space and will make reasonable efforts to make sure child is at ease, even providing such items as a stuffed animal if that will make the child feel more comfortable. 

You may be contacted directly by a defense attorney or investigator for an interview.  While you and/or your child are free to speak with the defense on your own if you wish, our office is ALWAYS available to attend these interviews with you and/or your child.  If you are contacted directly by the defense or an investigator and wish to have someone from our office present at the interview, simply tell the defense attorney or investigator to set up an interview through our office. 

If you already know that you want someone from our office to be there for an interview with the defense, please contact our office.  We will make a note in the file and send notice to the defense attorney that you want our office there for any defense interviews.