Victim Rights in Washington State Statute

The following is summarized from what is known as the Crime Victim Bill of Rights.  For the complete statute, go to RCW 7.69.030 Rights of victims, survivors, and witnesses.

There shall be a reasonable effort made to ensure that victims, survivors of victims, and witnesses of crimes have the following rights, which apply to any criminal court and/or juvenile court proceeding:

Victims of violent or sex crimes are entitled to receive at the time of reporting to law enforcement officials, a written statement including the name, address, and telephone number of a county or local crime victim/witness program.

  1. To be informed of the final disposition of a case;
  2. To be informed of changes in court dates to which you have been subpoenaed;
  3. To receive protection from harm or threats of harm arising out of cooperation with law enforcement and prosecution;
  4. To receive any witness fees to which you are entitled;
  5. To have, whenever practical, a secure waiting area provided for you during the court proceedings;
  6. To have any stolen property or other personal property returned as soon as possible after completion of a case;
  7. To have your employer contact to minimize any problems when you appear in court;
  8. Access to immediate medical assistance without unreasonable delay;
  9. Victims of violent and sex crimes may have a crime victim advocate from a crime victim/witness program, or any other support person of the victim's choosing, present at any judicial proceedings related to criminal acts committed against the victim if practical and does not cause a delay. 
  10. As a victim or survivor of a victim, to be present in court during trial if your testimony has been given and no further testimony is required;
  11. As a victim or survivor of a victim, to be informed of the date, time, and location of trial and, if requested, of the sentencing hearing if there is a felony conviction;

To submit a victim impact statement to the court which will be made a part of the offender's file;

As a victim or survivor of a victim, to present a statement personally or by representation at the sentencing hearing when there is a felony conviction;

As a victim or survivor of a victim, to have restitution ordered when there is a felony conviction, unless the court judges this to be inappropriate.