Victim and Witness Services

Dedicated to Serving Victims and Witnesses of Grant County

The Victim/Witness Unit has been established in the Grant Count Prosecuting Attorney's Office to assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process.  The Grant County Prosecuting Attorney recognizes that recovering from crime takes time and that victims and witnesses deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Many victims and witnesses have never been significantly involved in the criminal justice process and do not know what to expect.  We are here to help!

Here's an example of just some of the services offered by the Victim/Witness Unit:

  • Notify victims of hearing dates and changes to those dates
  • Explain the court process
  • Familiarize victims and witnesses with courtrooms prior to trials and hearings
  • Provide a safe location for victims and witnesses to wait prior to testifying or attending hearings
  • Provide information about available protection from threats or harm
  • Assist victims in obtaining restitution
  • Inform victims of their rights
  • Attend defense and/or prosecution interviews with victims and witnesses
  • Attend hearings or trial with a victim
  • Connect victims with available resources, such as Crime Victims Compensation
  • Notify victims of the final outcome of a case
  • Assist victims in compiling a Victim Impact Statement for sentencing
  • Contact employers to explain or verify victim or witness involvement in a case
  • Answer questions and contact the prosecutor when requested
  • Act as a liaison between victims or witnesses and the prosecutor

Please take a few moments to explore this site to find the answer to many of your questions and to be immediately linked to resources that can help you.