Utility Deputy

This position is responsible for patrolling ordinance areas in Grant County, and enforcement of state laws and Grant County ordinances and codes.  They will respond to complaints from citizens regarding dogs at large, bites, property damage or injuries, issue citations, testify in court, and when necessary, assist in or perform euthanasia.  Additionally, they enforce codes related to inappropriate uses of property to contribute to proper compliance by the County’s citizens.

As distinguished from other animal control jobs having similar titles, this position is confronted with the situation in which portions of the County are subject to leash law regulation while other portions are not. In addition, a variety of animal protection is involved including wild animals, farm animals and, from time to time, venomous snakes.  As the Code Enforcement Officer, the position enforces those ordinances and codes relating to uses of property, particularly those involving nuisances, buildings, abatement, housing, and related issues.

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