Emergency Management

  1. Josh Sainsbury

    Chief Deputy - Emergency Operations

    Josh Sainsbury

    Josh Sainsbury is the Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations. Josh has been in law enforcement for 21 years.

    Josh is a 1994 Ephrata High School graduate. He attended Big Bend Community College. He started as a Reserve Officer at the Soap Lake Police Department in 2001, then transferred to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy in 2002, and was hired as a Patrol Deputy later that year. In 2005, he was reassigned as the Public Works Deputy where he became trained as a Drug Recognition Expert. In 2006, Josh switched to the newly-created Motor Traffic Unit where he became a Collision Reconstructionist in 2009. In 2011, Josh was promoted to Sergeant and went back to patrol for a year. In 2012, he became the Sergeant of the Motor Traffic Unit. In 2021, Josh became the Special Operations Sergeant. In October 2021, Josh was appointed the Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations.

    As the Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations, Josh oversees the day-to-day operations of Emergency Management, Special Operations which includes the Off-Road Vehicle and Marine Units, and the Grant County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse. Josh served one year as Chief Deputy of Emergency Operations under Sheriff Tom Jones. Sheriff Kriete continued Josh’s appointment over into his administration.