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Sheriff's Office


Sheriff's Home Page Corrections Grant County Jail




Lt. Dan Durand

509-754-2011 ext. 2465


The Grant County Jail has been operating in its present location since January 1986 and is a 188 bed facility.


In 1999 the Work Release Center opened to provide housing for minimum to medium security post-sentence inmates, and to allow local courts the option of work release as a sentencing alternative.



Frequently Asked Questions


When are visitation hours?


See Visitation


Can my phone be blocked so an inmate at the jail cannot call me?


Possibly. By contacting the Grant County Jail you can request a phone block be installed. Keep in mind that once your phone block has been added it will not be removed.


Can I put money on an inmate's account?


Funds may be deposited on inmate accounts:

  • via Mail - money orders made out to the inmate. We do not recommend that cash be sent by mail.

Please mail to:

Grant County Jail Inmate


P.O. Box 37

Ephrata, WA 98823

Can I bring in books or magazines for an inmate?


Paperback books and magazines can only be accepted through the mail and only if mailed directly from the publisher or bookstore. Publications containing lewd or violent material will not be given to the inmate, but will be place in their property.


What other items can I bring for an inmate?


The only items we will accept at the front window are:

  • Prescription medications. Medications must be in the original bottle, the inmate's name must be on the label, and they cannot be expired.

  • Prescription eyewear. We will accept one pair of eyeglasses or contacts.

  • Court Clothes. Once an inmate has a confirmed trial date, we will accept adequate clothing for them to wear at trial. No other clothing will be accepted.

Can I find out an inmate's release date?


Release date information will not be given to the public. If the inmate wishes you to know their scheduled release date, they must tell you in person, by phone or by mail.


Can you please pass a message to an inmate?


Corrections personnel will pass on phone numbers for the inmate to call in the first 24 hours of custody. After 24 hours, the only messages passed will be in the case of a verifiable medical emergency or death. Inmates have access to phones which call collect only. If you have a block on your phone preventing collect calls, the inmate will not be able to contact you.


Can I do my commitment from another county at the Grant County Jail?


Yes, provided the sentencing court has authorized you to do your time out of county. All out of county commitments will be charged a $70.00 a day fee by the Grant County Jail. All fees must be paid in full at the time you start your commitment.

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