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Request for Bid


Grant County established a “Central Services Department” by resolution on the 24th of November 2015 (Resolution No. 15-073-CC) effectively consolidating three departments. Information regarding bids and awards for the Facilities & Maintenance department, Grant County Technology Services Department, and Grant County’s Interfund Communications Department, can be found under the “Central Services” selection on the left menu bar.

Future opportunities for these departments will be listed both here and on the Central Services home page. Details for awarded work will be found on the Central Services Page.



Grant County Central Services - Health District & Wheeler Rd Facility AC Upgrade CSD1912

Grant County Central Services - Sidewalks CSD1902

Grant County Central Services - Ardell Fire Suppression Installation CSD1913


Grant County Youth Services - Duct Cleaning Project CSD1905


Grant County Fairgrounds - Project CSD1906


» * REBID * Grant County Courthouse Historic Restoration Components Project CSD1901




» * REJECTED * Grant County Courthouse Historic Restoration Components Project CSD1901


» Grant County Fair Grounds Stump Removal




» Grant County Youth Services HVAC System Cleaning


» Grant County Water Softener Replacement Project CSD1704

» Grant County Courthouse Parking Lot Replacement Project CSD1701

» Grant County Courthouse Sidewalk Replacement Project CSD1703



» Grant County Window Coverings Project CSD1607

» Grant County Youth Services Parking Lot Replacement Project CSD1604

» Grant County Parking Lot “G” Replacement Project FM1611

» Sanitary Sewer Installation Grant County Fairgrounds

» Youth Services Aluminum Storefront Replacement



» Grant Integrated Services 24 Panel Cubicle Installation & Set Up

» Grant County Fairgrounds Lawn Service

» Grant County ADA Access Project #FM1502

» Grant County Elevator Maintenance Project #FM15S01



» Grant County Fairgrounds Lawn Service

» Grant County Parking Lot Replacement (Project #FM14003)

» Grant County Courthouse Sidewalk Replacement (Project #FM14002)

» Grant County Fairgrounds Arena Tractor

» Grant County Whittaker Building Abatement Project #FM14001


» Grant County Fairgrounds Lawn Service

» GCTS Storage Arrays

» GCTS Enterprise Content Management System


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