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Public Works






Solid Waste Hearing Resolution 20-077-CC 3.2 MB 09/25/2020  NEW!

Proposed Disposal Fee Schedule Exhibits A & B 1.1 MB 09/25/2020  NEW!




Dropbox ALTERNATIVE DISPOSAL OPTIONS April28 62 KB 04/28/2020 


Landfill to OPEN News Release 37 KB 2020/04/17



Contact the landfill for special handling situations (509) 754-4319.  Such as: deceased animals, rotting or about to rot waste, health/safety related items.


Solid Waste Fig 5-1 Collection Service Areas 826 KB 04/02/2020



The Solid Waste Division of Public Works is responsible for several program areas encompassing waste disposal, recycling services, waste reduction and recycling education, hazardous waste education and disposal opportunities as well as providing support for the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.  The Solid Waste Division is funded by tipping fees at the Grant County Landfill and the drop box sites.  The biennial Coordinated Prevention Grant from the Department of Ecology (DOE) provides funding for plan updates, recycling and hazardous waste programs.  Budget decisions are made by the Public Works Director and the Grant County Commissioners. 


Ephrata Landfill

Grant County operates the Ephrata Landfill. Near Ephrata, WA, this modern landfill was expanded in 2004 to a lined facility with a leachate and gas collection system.  The Ephrata Landfill is located on Neva Lake Road which may be accessed from either Dodson Road or State Highway 28 approximately three miles south of Ephrata.  The Ephrata Landfill may be reached by calling 754-4319.

Drop Box Sites

Grant County operates the Mattawa drop box site and the Coulee City drop box site.  These are rural disposal sites with limited operating hours.  Waste that is delivered to the drop box sites by Grant County residents is then transported by truck to the Ephrata landfill.

The Mattawa drop box site is located approximately two miles south of Mattawa off of State Highway 243.

The Coulee City drop box site directions: From Main Street turn south onto 1st Street.  Then proceed to Arch Street.  Turn right on Arch Street and follow the road to the drop box site.



Secured Load Ordinance 11--58--CC

Section 1.  Grant County Code   Section 8.28.190 and all Ordinances amending said section are hereby amended as follows:   

“Unsecured Load” means a shipment of solid waste in or on a vehicle that is not covered with a tarp, inside an enclosed vehicle or otherwise secured or tied down by safety chains or other fastening devices in a manner that will prevent materials from spilling, escaping, falling, or being blown or deposited outside the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion.  For purposes of this definition, solid waste contained in trash bags that are not covered with a tarp, inside an enclosed vehicle or otherwise secured down is an unsecured load.

Passenger vehicles $5.00

Trucks (over 3 yards)            $15.00


Special Handling Waste


Mercury-Containing Lights

Beginning January 1, 2013, Chapter 70.275 RCW requires all persons, government, commercial, industrial, retail facilities, and office buildings in Washington State to recycle their mercury-containing lights.  That means that the Ephrata Landfill, Grant County Drop Box sites, the CDSI Transfer Station, and the Delano Regional Transfer Station will not accept mercury-containing lights for disposal.


Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery Danger Safety Sheet 84 KB 01/30/2020




Grant County Solid Waste provides information to Grant County residents regarding recycling opportunities as well as information on hazardous waste disposal options.  Solid Waste staff provides brochures, classroom presentations, composting classes, and informational displays. For more information call the Grant County Public Works office at 754-6082. 


Reduce & Reuse

We can help reduce waste by making careful choices about what we buy, use and throw away. 

Here are some tips:

·       Look for items with less packaging. 

·        Buy only what you really need and buy durable products not disposable ones. 

·        Use reusable shopping bags.

·        Look for opportunities to reuse items instead of disposing of them.

·        Sell unwanted items or donate to a charity. 

·        Repair items instead of buying new ones.

·        Consider renting or loaning items that you don’t use frequently. 


Waste Reduction:

Brochure 1 MB 2018/06/18

Find out how to OPT OUT OF JUNKMAIL , which reduces paper waste. 



Recycling Opportunities

Grant County Solid Waste provides recycling opportunities at the Grant County Landfill and most drop box sites.  Materials that can be recycled at no charge at the landfill include:  used motor oil, antifreeze, automotive batteries, newspaper, aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, latex paint, and cardboard.  The drop box sites have various levels of recycling opportunities.  Scrap metal and appliances may also be recycled at all solid waste sites for a fee.  Refrigerators do not need to be decommissioned before arriving at a solid waste site. 

Many other recycling opportunities exist in Grant County.  These opportunities are available at city recycling centers, transfer stations, private recycling centers and stores. 


Grant County Recycling Directory 171 KB  KB 02/13/2020

Moses Lake Area Recycling Directory 154 KB 02/13/2020

Ephrata - Soap Lake Area Recycling Directory 150 KB 07/31/2020

Quincy - George Area Recycling Directory 670 KB 03/05/2020

Grand Coulee Dam Area Recycling Directory 645 KB 03/05/2020


2019 Moses Lake curbside RECYCLE FLYER 1.2 MB 2019/05/14

2018 Moses Lake curbside YARD WASTE FLYER 843 KB 2019/05/14





Household Hazardous Waste

Grant County Solid Waste offers Household Hazardous Waste Collection events two or three times a year. These events are held on Saturdays in the spring and fall and are for household generated waste only.  Most events are held in Moses Lake and Ephrata.   Because funding for these events is provided through a grant from the Department of Ecology and from Grant County Solid Waste tipping fees, there is no additional cost for residents to participate.  Residents who bring items that are not accepted at an event will be assisted in finding other disposal options.  Please see posted fliers below.


Unused Medication: Several local police departments in partnership with Grant County Health District offer Drug Take-Back Drop Sites.  Collection locations and hours 4.8 MB 03/14/2019

ANTIFREEZE COLLECTION 133 KB 01/30/2020 Three collection sites are available throughout Grant County to safely dispose of antifreeze.  

(Brochure) WHAT DO I DO WITH . . . USED MOTOR OIL 161KB 01/30/2020


Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery Danger Safety Sheet 84 KB 01/30/2020

To assist the public with finding year-round disposal options for some types of hazardous waste, please view:  year-round disposal options 44KB 01/30/2020


HHW September, 26 2020 Event 101 KB  06/29/2020

HHW Delano Event September 25th 101 KB 09/14/2020 NEW!


NEWS RELEASE 107 KB 04/03/2020


What to Bring: 

·         Pesticides

·         Herbicides

·         Toxic cleaning products

·         Hobby chemicals

·         Thinners and solvents

·         Oil Based Paint (label indicated flammable material and brushes are to be cleaned with thinner)

·         Automotive products (contaminated used motor oil*, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid)

·         Aerosols

·         Products that contain mercury (thermostats, mercury thermometers)

·         Glues and adhesives

·         Rechargeable batteries

·         Non-rechargeable Lithium batteries

·         Fire extinguishers



Please Do Not Bring:


·         Business, agency, or apartment maintenance waste (Call 509-754-6082 for disposal information)

·         Sharps (Residents may dispose of sharps in a rigid, plastic container with a screw on lid)

·         Medical wastes (prescription drugs-year-round sites are available)

·         Empty containers of any type

·         Explosives (bullets, fireworks)

·         Radioactive materials like smoke detectors

·         Automotive batteries (year-round collection sites available)

·         Uncontaminated used motor oil (year-round collection sites available)

·         Propane tanks (year-round collection sites available)

·         Latex paint (see below)

··         Any other household wastes (like tires, appliances, garbage, etc.)

·         Electronic Wastes


For everyone’s safety, please:

·      Don’t mix products

·         Keep products in original containers. Containers will NOT be returned for everyone's safety.

·         Label products not in original containers. Containers will NOT be returned for everyone's safety.

·         Secure products so they won’t leak.

·         Store products away from the passenger compartment of your vehicle and keep them separate from  items you wish to retain.

·         Stay in your vehicle during unloading.



Business Hazardous Waste

Business Brochure 921 KB 2017/06/20

Small Quantity Generator Assistance -Grant County Solid Waste offers technical assistance for Small Quantity Generators of hazardous waste. Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) are businesses that generate below 220 pounds of Dangerous Waste and 2.2 pounds of Acutely Hazardous Waste per month. In addition, Grant County provides a disposal opportunity for SQGs in conjunction with the household hazardous waste collection events.  Interested businesses must sign up at least one week before the event and are required to pay the County’s contractor directly. For more information, please call Grant County Solid Waste at 754-6082 ext. 3508.

PAINT- household size quantities of liquid paint may be disposed of at the Ephrata Landfill;  latex paint, once dried out and lid removed, may be put into the garbage can.




Solid Waste Planning

The Grant County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) consists of up to eleven (11) members appointed by the Board of Grant County Commissioners.  The SWAC assists the Board of County Commissioners in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste
handling and disposal, in the preparation of solid waste management plans, and by reviewing and
commenting on proposed rules, policies, or ordinances relating to solid waste prior to their
adoption.  The SWAC shall meet a minimum of two (2) times each year. The agenda and pertinent
information regarding upcoming meetings will be posted below



Solid Waste Management Plan 29.8MB 12/07/11


Organic Waste Recycling Program Feasibility Study 325KB 12/07/11


Tiered Rate Structure Analysis for Solid Waste 1.9MB 12/07/11




Department of Ecology link for the Ephrata Landfill Clean-up 43KB 12/07/11



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