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Grant County Surplus Vehicles:

Grant County currently has surplus vehicles for sale thru the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services website.  Details on how to purchase the vehicles are available at the following website: 




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Household Hazardous Waste Event Saturday May 5, 2018 452 KB 2018/04/02 UPDATED!



NOTICE TO CONSULTANTS: Request for Bridge Engineering 78 KB 2017/11/20


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Chapter 11 WATV Ordinance Resolution 17-039-CC  209KB 2017/04/20


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Please be advised: Grant County is changing our e-mail address from  The new address is If you e-mail our office, please update your contact information. Thank you, GCPW.



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Grant County Maps:

County Road Base Map 3MB 2017/07/13

County Road Inset (36 X 48) Map 5.5MB 2017/07/13

All Season Road Map 1.4MB 2017/03/16



Adopted Six Year Transportation Improvement Map (11 X 17) 2017-2022 858 KB 2016/12/21

Adopted Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan 2017-2022 1 MB 2016/12/21





Glacial Flooding in Grant County from National Geographic


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Grant County Road Metrics

City of Moses Lake Storm Water



Grant County Public Works

124 Enterprise St. SE

Ephrata, WA 98823



Contact Information:

Ephrata Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00

Phone: (509) 754-6082
Fax: (509) 754-6087
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The Public Works Department's primary responsibility is to maintain the County Road system by seal coating, asphalt overlays, snow removal, sign maintenance, bridge maintenance, road grading, etc. Public Works also performs small construction projects by County forces, and a variety of drainage projects throughout Grant County. Larger construction projects are open to the public for bid and contracted outside the department.


Public Works provides information on County roads and bridges, permits for access to County roads and culvert placement, oversize and overweight motor vehicle permits, work in the right-of-way and dust oil palliative permits. We also coordinate with other County departments on development review.


Snow and Ice Policy 37KB 2015/10/06




The department consists of over 110 full and part time employees responsible for road maintenance, engineering, recycling, solid waste, motor pool and administrative operations.


The Public Works Department is led by The Director of Public Works / County Road Engineer, (PWD/CE).


Public Works Director / County Engineer :

Jeff Tincher, PE

Assistant Public Works Director :

Jerome Wawers

Road District #1 Supervisor :

Ed Lowry

Road District #2 Supervisor :

Mike Detrolio

Road District #3 Supervisor :

John Brissey

Bridge Crew Supervisor :

Andy Booth

Solid Waste Supervisor :

Jason Collings

Central Shop Manager :

Darrell Doolittle

Traffic Section Manager :

Rod Follett



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