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Development Services



Single Family Residence


Please be aware that incomplete packets will not be accepted.  Be sure you have all forms, information, plans, deposit (if applicable) and supporting documents prepared and ready at the time of submittal.


Required Forms


Application Checklist  205KB 2018/03/01

Completed Application Form 54KB 2018/03/01

Site Plan 51KB 2018/03/01

Agent Authorization 37KB 2018/03/01

Residential Plan Requirements 465KB 2018/03/01

Residential Plan 2015 WSEC Energy Credits Table  219KB 2018/03/01
Residential Plan 2015 WSEC Prescriptive Worksheet 
231KB 2018/03/01

Site Address Application  157KB 2018/03/01

Public Works Approach Permit Application 157KB 2018/04/24


At the time of submission, a deposit will be required.  Please see the bottom of this page for information regarding payment.


Application Instructions


How to Submit

We accept applications in person at our office, by mail, FedEx/UPS and by on-line submittal.  We are unable to accept application packets by email.


In Person

We are able to accept complete application packets between 8:00am - 4:00pm, M-F.
We are closed public holidays.


Grant County Development Services
Building Division
P.O. Box 37
Ephrata, WA 98823



Grant County Development Services
Building Division
264 W. Division Ave
Ephrata, WA 98823


On-Line Submittal Updated 05-14-19



Application Acceptance - Complete Packets Only

  • Each application packet will undergo a “counter complete” review when it is received (either in person at the counter or when received by mail) to determine whether or not each application is complete and can be accepted and assigned an application number. 

  • If an application packet is deemed incomplete during the initial “counter complete” review, we will attempt to gather the missing information/documents while the applicant/agent is waiting at the counter via phone or email. 

  • If received by mail and incomplete, we try to gather any missing information by the next business day 12:00noon. 

  • If the information cannot be received by that time, we will return the application packet to the applicant for completion and resubmission. 

  • If the packet is deemed complete, it will be accepted and an application number assigned.  (This application number is needed by the Health District for septic applications.)


Requirements of Other Approving Departments


Applications are typically reviewed by the following departments:

  • Building – structure review as well as placement of the home on the property, setbacks between structures, etc.

  • Health District – septic, water and related setbacks.  Please contact them directly regarding your proposed project to find out if they have any requirements, processes and/or fees.

  • Planning – includes land use, height restrictions, setbacks to property lines, zoning, shorelines, wetlands, critical areas and other land use considerations.  Please contact them directly with any questions regarding your proposed project.

  • Public Works/WSDOT – legal access from County road or State Highway

Department Contact 138KB 2018/03/01
If you have any questions regarding the requirements, processes and/or fees of other departments, please contact them directly.  Please click on the link to open a window with a contact list.

Application Forms and Required Information


Prepare ALL forms and provide ALL information that pertains to your project.


Incomplete application packets will not be accepted.  Please call us with any questions prior to attempting submittal to avoid having the packet being denied or sent back.


Here are the forms you will need to prepare and submit together (incomplete applications will not be accepted):

Application Checklist 205KB 2018/03/01
This is our checklist that we use to make sure we have everything to accept the application.  As you prepare your packet, please be sure initial each component that you have prepared and are submitting. 


Completed Application Form  54KB 2018/03/01
All information that pertains to your project is required.  For any part of the application that does not apply to your project, please indicate N/A.  An incomplete application will result in the application not being accepted.


Note: if there is an existing home on site that is going to be removed, please indicate that clearly on the application as part of the project description.


Site Plan  51KB 2018/03/01
Please complete the attached form following the instructions on the first page. Please be aware that we are unable to accept site plans larger than 11 x 17.  An incomplete site plan will result in the application not being accepted.


Well Report/Connection Agreement 

With the adoption of “Senate Bill 6091”, Grant County is now obligated to require a copy of the well report (consistent with RCW 18.104) for the well located on this parcel is required.  Parcels served by existing public water systems (Group A, Group B, or City) will need to provide a copy of the connection agreements/approvals in lieu of the well report at the time of submittal. Permits will not issued without said documents

Agent Authorization 37KB 2018/03/01
Applications need to be signed by an authorized representative of the land owner, if not his/herself.  If anyone other than the land owner is applying (i.e. agent or General Contractor), please be sure to include this form that is completed and signed by the land owner or an authorized representative of the land owner in the case of a company or trust. This form is also required if the applicant is in the process of purchasing the land and it has not yet been recorded.  In this case, the seller will need to complete and sign this authorization form and it is to be submitted as part of the application packet.



One Complete Set of Plans

You will need to submit one complete sets of construction documents as part of your application packet. Please see the forms below.  If you have any questions, please contact our office to speak with a Plans Examiner.


Residential Plan Requirements 219KB 2018/03/01


Residential Plan 2015 WSEC Energy Credits Table 219KB 2018/03/01


Residential Plan 2015 WSEC Prescriptive Worksheet 231KB 2018/03/01

Site Address Application 157KB 2018/03/01
Please complete and submit as part of the application packet together with a check made payable to Grant County Planning in the amount of $15.00.  This is required if there is no county verifiable address assigned to the property.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your address is county verifiable, please call our office and speak to someone. 

Reflective Blue Marker:  this form can also be used if you already have a county verifiable address and you would like to order a standard blue reflective marker.


Public Works Approach Permit Application 157KB 2018/04/24
Public Works approval is required for all Building permit applications for construction or placement, when your road access is off a County road.  You should complete a new Road Approach application for submittal with your Building application, even if you have done one previously.


Regardless of type of Building Permit application, a Public Works Approach application is required for any new access (driveway) or alteration to access (driveway) off a County Road, including where Private Roads meet the County Road.


For questions on Approach or Approach Application requirements, please contact Public Works at 754-6082.


WSDOT Proof of Access  
This is required if the property is off of a State Highway and there are no existing buildings.  If it is a brand-new site, please contact to apply for an access permit off of a State Highway. 


WSDOT proof of access may be required for Change of Use permits as well.



Fees and Processing Times

A deposit of $500.00 is required for residences.

Permit Fee
Permit fees are figured during the plan review and are based on the square footage details and use of the structure. Permit fees are due when all departments have reviewed and approved the application.  You will be contacted with the remaining permit fee due to issue.


If you would like an estimate, please call/email our office with the square footage details of your proposed home (include living space, attached garage, bonus room, unfinished basement, decks, covered patios, porches, etc.)


Method of Payment

Fees are payable by exact cash or by check, cashier’s check or money order.

We are able to accept credit card payments in person, over the counter only.

For credit card payments, there will be an additional 2.5% convenience fee charge payable to the credit card company in addition to the permit fee.


Processing Times

Average Building Division processing times for residential applications is 3 weeks.  Other approving departments may have their own processing times that are out of our control.

You will be notified as soon as all necessary departments have approved your application and it is ready for payment and pickup.


Please Remember

Incomplete packets will not be accepted.  Be sure you have all forms, information, plans, deposit (if applicable) and supporting documents prepared and ready at the time of submittal.

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