Grant County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board


Mission Statement

The mission of the Grant County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board is to ensure unrestricted trade in national and international markets by effectively responding to written complaints and carrying out activities as described in RCW 15.08 and 15.09.

The board investigates complaints filed by commercial growers concerning uncontrolled horticultural pests and diseases. You may access a complaint form, find learning materials, or find contact information here. You may also attend the Grant County Horticultural Pest and Disease Board meetings, or you may apply for a board member position.

Important Notice

The Horticultural Pest and Disease Board meeting for May 13th, 2014 has been canceled.

2014 Meeting Schedule:

Meetings are held at the George Scales at 3:00 pm and open to the public.

  • March 11

  • May 13

  • August 19

  • November 20

2014 Board of Directors

Craig Cleveringa,


George Smith,


Curtis Wilkinson,


Sean Putman,


Randy Taylor,

WSDA Representative

Andrew Jensen,

Potato Industry Advisor

Jody Kane,

Pest Board Consultant/Inspector


Contact Us:

Address: PO Box 98 Quincy, WA 98848


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