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264 W. Division Ave  Ephrata, WA  98823
Phone: 509-754-2011, ext. 3001
Fax: 509-754-6080




Bruce Gribble, Fire Marshal
Deputies: Jerry Bessett, Brock Laughlin, Eddie Springen II, Crue Woodard



The Grant County Fire Marshal's Office is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Grant County from the hazards of fire, explosion and hazardous materials by fostering a safe environment through inspection, enforcement, regulation, investigation, hazardous material incident mitigation, data collection, and public education. All the efforts of this office are designed to reduce the deaths, injuries, and property losses of
Grant County residents


Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers  11/06/2017


2017 Burn Ban No Longer in Effect  10/02/2017


Ordinance: Annual Burn Restrictions 09/05/2017

Burn Ban Effective 06/28/2017



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 Outdoor Burning Prohibited Materials Regulations

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The Fire Marshal’s Office achieves its mission by fulfilling four specific roles in the county:

  • The Fire Marshal’s role in Code Adoption and Enforcement – Code adoption and enforcement has been a traditional role for the Fire Marshal’s Office. It provides the path of integration of the lessons learned from a fire investigation experience to the application of prevention measures for the future. Fire investigators uncover fire causes and factors that contribute to fire spread. Armed with this data, the specifics of necessary code revisions that will prevent continual occurrence of similar fire disasters become readily apparent. With code enforcement responsibilities at hand, the pertinent code revisions can be easily applied, providing swift counter measures to head off future occurrences.

  • The Fire Marshal’s role in Investigation & Fire Cause Determination – Fire cause determination is historically the responsibility of the Fire Marshal’s Office. While opportunities to develop wide-ranging expertise are somewhat limited at the local level because of the limited number of incidents in most communities, county fire investigators, providing assistance to local departments, have greater opportunities to develop the wide-ranging skill and expertise necessary to produce accurate assessments, thus benefiting local governments as well as the state. The ability to analyze burn patterns and causal factors, the ability to evaluate factors contributing to fire spread and knowledge of the science of fire investigation are some of the strengths GCFMO can bring to the assistance of local investigators.

  • The Fire Marshal’s role in the Insurance Industry – The Fire Marshal’s Office serves as, in many ways, the loss prevention function of the insurance industry. An effective Fire Marshal’s Office will positively impact fire loss statistics through sound building and fire codes as well as effective enforcement. In addition, thorough fire investigations will reduce the occurrence of intentionally set fires and contribute to the enactment of more effective building and fire codes.

  • The Fire Marshal’s role in Life Safety Inspections – The Fire Marshal's Office helps prevent fires from occurring by enforcing and educating the public on all laws and ordinances relative to fire safety. This is accomplished through conducting inspections, issuing permits, and communication with citizens relative to fire safety hazards.

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