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Processing Time

Processing of applications is in order of submittal and plan completeness, based on use of structure.  Processing time can vary with seasonal demand and can change quickly.

  • For Residential and Accessory structures, we strive to keep plan review/approval time at 3 weeks after your plans submittal package is determined to be 'technically complete' as identified in the RESIDENTIAL PLAN REQUIREMENTS or other appropriate handouts.

However, most applications also require approval by several departments or agencies; we cannot guarantee total processing time to obtain all approvals, so be sure to plan ahead and submit accordingly

  • Commercial or Ag projects should allow a minimum of 6 weeks and should contact the Grant County Planning Department early in the planning stages as well for land use permitting requirements

An application with accurate site plan (and deposit, if required) may be submitted without the plans in order to begin processing the application through other departments.  Your plans, when submitted, will be reviewed in order of plan submittal according to the above standards - they will be reviewed for 'technical completeness' and then be in line for plan review.

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